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Susan Oubari a créé un atelier intitulé Breathe in Paris en 2019 où elle associe le Breathwork au Reiki, au coaching et à la méditation. Ce lancement presse avait pour objectif de faire connaître une nouvelle technique de bien-être, le Breathwork, tout en positionnant Susan Oubari comme la pionnière, et d’augmenter la fréquentation de son atelier. Dans un premier temps, le travail de notoriété a été fait en presse traditionnelle uniquement afin de faire connaitre et crédibiliser cette nouvelle technique de bien-être par des experts.

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Fleur Puissesseau Leventhal at Beauté Craft is not your average PR agent, she’s a genuinely talented PR professional that has turned my brand, BREATHE IN PARIS, from “a little well-known in Paris” to “nationally renowned all over France” in less than a year. I met Fleur in one of my BREATHE IN PARIS classes in Paris and we hit it off right away. I wasn’t looking for someone to help me with my press, I thought I could do it on my own. But I was wrong. Hiring Fleur as my Press Agent was vital in the growth of my brand. What first caught my attention in Fleur was her humble confidence, her easygoing attitude and her bank of knowledge in the well-being sector. It didn’t take much for me to understand that I needed her to be my press agent. Fleur Puissesseau Leventhal is constantly thinking outside the box and has a strong intuition when it comes to taking calculated risks in order to make me and my brand shine. Not only that, she knows what information to pitch, she’s a persuasive storyteller, her press release is elegant and is representative of BREATHE IN PARIS, and her media connections in the well-being sector are solid and built on genuine relationships. She doesn’t waste time trying to talk to the wrong people, and she targets the journalists and the audience I need to reach. Fleur is punctual, willing to learn, detail oriented and always coming up with innovative ideas. Proof of that is our new working agreement which was recently initiated by her. Beauté Craft is now representing me as an agent for all upcoming French business partnerships, collaborations and events. Enhancing my brand image by connecting me with partners who share my values while negotiating deals on my behalf, this allows me to do what I do best – to coach and teach – while leaving the negotiation, setting deliverables, and briefing to Fleur. Lastly, it is thanks to Fleur that I met Emilie Veyretout, journalist and head of the well-being department at Le Figaro newspaper, with whom I co-authored a book about Breathwork. ‘Breathwork, Respirez pour changer’ is published by Flammarion and launches on October 14, 2020. I’m looking forward to seeing what other magic Fleur Puissesseau Leventhal at Beauté Craft will do with BREATHE IN PARIS and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to bring their brand up a notch.

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